Day 22-23 – Tilburg and Amsterdam, Netherlands

We visited Audrey’s friend Rumeysa in Tilburg for the day and headed to Amsterdam for our last day an a half. The trip went by so quickly!


Big thanks to Guus for hosting us in Roermond!


Me, Audrey, and Rumeysa at Kermis in Tillburg. It’s basically a carnival, but much larger and can last up to two weeks.


Audrey and Me in Tillburg.


Rumeysa, Audrey, and me at the train station before we left for Amsterdam.


Our Sorority mascot “Little P” the Penguin in front of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. We were not allowed to take any photos inside. It was also raining so this is the only picture we took as we rushed to catch the tram.


Me in front of the “I amsterdam” letters. There are multiple sets of letters throughout the city.


Audrey in front of the letters.


The Night Watch by Rembrandt in the Rijks Museum. The Museum recently reopened after ten years of restoration and it was absolutely fantastic! It’s a must see in Amsterdam.


The Night Watch from afar. This was surprisingly the only part of the museum that was very crowed, but nothing compared to the Vatican Museum.


The Rijks Museum.


Me in front of one of Amsterdam’s infamous “coffeeshops.”


Audrey on one of the canal bridges. Canals are ubiquitous throughout Amsterdam and the city itself is below sea level. The city’s lock system is the best in the world and is most prepared for future rises in sea level.


The sky decided to open up and pour on us in Amsterdam. We were drenched to the skin.


The Red Light District. There is a beautiful church right in the middle of the district that we visited. On the right of this photo is a sex shop (glowing white sign) and behind it is another “coffeeshop.”


That’s all folks! We are headed back from Amsterdam today and are looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing even more of our experiences.


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