Day 20-21 – Maastricht and Roermond, Netherlands

We are visiting family friends in the Netherlands and have been quite lucky to be hosted and shown around by them.


The view of the river Maas from an old farm south of Maastricht. Germany is in the distance and Belgium is about a mile behind me taking this picture.


We biked all over the city, but thought this bridge was the coolest because the steps at each end of the bridge have a bike trough to make rolling your bike quite easy.


Our rental bikes. All Dutch bikes are this style and common US road bikes are considered sport bikes and only for racing and enthusiasts.


This is a book store and cafe inside of an old church.



This is the typical dish of Maastricht called Zuurvlees (translated as sour meat), but is most like a thick pot roast stew and not sour at all.



Vincent was a great host and tour guide! We took the train 30 mins northeast to Roermond to see Guus next.



For breakfast in he morning the Dutch often put sprinkles on their toast/rolls. Chocolate sprinkles are the most common, but a variety of other flavors are also available.


Guus took us sailing! It was nearly 100 F (33 C) today and we all enjoyed cooling off in the lake.


Chelsea and Guus.


Audrey and I on the sailboat which was oddly named the Funky Duck.


The city center of Roermond. We climbed to the top of the steeple of the church in the distance. It was not nearly as bad as the St. Peter’s Bascilica steps: only about 300 spiral steps to the top this time


The view from the top of the church. We’re looking out towards Belgium.


Audrey and I sunbathing after cooling off in the lake.


The Arresthuis (Jail house) hotel in Roermond. It is an old jail converted to a hotel. The cells are connected so that a hotel room is 3-4 cells with most of the walls inside still intact.


Audrey and I near the city center of Roermond.

Next adventure: Amsterdam!


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