Day 19 – Rome Observations

We concluded our trip to Rome and travelled to the Netherlands on Thursday.

Observations of Rome:

1) All cars are tiny hatchbacks. We saw about 5 total sedans while in the city. Many people also drive smart cars which can navigate the tiny streets and alleys.

IMG_1629 2) Though the cars are much more pedestrian friendly, parking is quite interesting as there seem to be no rules. This picture shows cars parked on the median of a very busy street.

IMG_16303) Chelsea can’t eat dairy (cheese, butter, milk etc) and got a lot of funny looks when ordering. But, it is possible to visit Italy and not eat dairy!

4) Espresso is relatively cheap, but comes in the smallest portion you can imagine. Americans apparently drink HUGE coffee drinks.

5) Dinner starts around 8-9pm. We tried to eat around 6pm and were told that they were only serving drinks and appetizers.

6) A typically Italian dinner consists of appetizers, a first course (generally pasta or fish), and a second course (generally meat or pizza). Veggies must be ordered on the side.

7) Public transit was not as good as Istanbul. The metro line was closed the second day we were there due to a crash and getting around was really difficult.

8) All the streets are cobblestones. Our guide at the Vatican told us that the square stones are called mini St. Peters (St. Peters Bascilica) and so the entire town is a church because you are walking on mini St. Peters.

9) There isn’t a grid system in Rome, so the streets are highly confusing. Trying to find our way to the Vatican after the metro was shut down was really interesting. Even maps are hard to follow without the grid.

10) Italian breakfast includes a lot of bread, not a lot of protein and of course coffee/espresso. Very different than Turkey!


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