Days 11-14 — Izmir, Selçuk, Ephesus, Pamukkale and Istanbul

Izmir is on Turkey’s southwestern coast and is the same place as the ancient city of Smyrna. We visited my roommate from Koç and walked around the city. This is the famous clock tower.

A meat shop in Izmir. Lane Porth, this is for you!

This is kumru, a sausage and cheese sandwich which is famous in Izmir.

We bought ridiculous, matching brimmed hats because it was so hot in Izmir and Ephesus. They helped a bit. The temps were well over 100 with humidity. Gross.

The Celsus library in Ephesus. This is probably the most famous ruin at Ephesus. It was also the third largest library in the world behind Alexandria in Egypt and Pergamum in Turkey.

We found Phi Sigma Rho on the ruins at Ephesus! PhiRhoLove

The next day we took the train to Pamukkale (cotton castle) to see the white travertine terraces. They are similar to the ones at Yellowstone, except you get to walk on them here!! Hierapolis is a major city that is now in ruins but sits at the same site as the travertines. This is a view from the theater.


Tourists get to walk all over the reconstructed travertines and get great views of the real ones. There are shallow pools filled with water pumped in from the hot springs that you can walk through and soak in. We wore our swim suits and had a great time sitting in the water which was much cooler than the outside temp.

After getting back to Istanbul, we decided to take the new metro line that goes under the Bosphorus (Marmaray) just so that we could say we had done it. It took us to Uskudar where we took a ferry back across to Europe. This mosaic mural was in the metro station underground.

The view from the ferry.

After crossing back to Europe, we walked to Ortaköy, a trendy neighborhood where you can get kumpir (baked potatoes with everything imaginable on them) and waffles (also stuffed with everything). This is the mosque at Ortaköy which is a famous site from Istanbul.

I was able to get my favorite dessert (well one of my favorites) tonight before we leave for Rome in the morning. Künefe, shredded phyllo dough filled with melts cheese and drenched in rose water syrup. Served with pistachios on top!


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