Day 5 — Bergen, Norway


We took the overnight train to Bergen and arrived at 7 AM this morning.


Audrey and I riding on the train before our 7 hr overnight journey.


These are temporary office buildings used in construction sites. Just like Oregon, it’s construction season in both Oslo and Bergen.


The stairs on our hike to Fløyen.


Bergen is known for its fictitious tales of trolls.


The view from Fløyen. We did the 3 mile round trip hike first thing in the morning. We gained about 1000 ft of elevation and had a great view of the city.




The gardens in Festplassen.


The really awesome recycling system in the train station.


The Church of Norway (a Lutheran church).


The organ in the church.

Observations from Norway:
1) People don’t wear jeans. We’ve seen mostly solid colored pants.

2) Elevator doors open outwards instead of sliding into the wall.


3) Norwegian coins have a lot of value and many have holes in the center. You can easily pay for a meal with 3-4 coins.


4) All beverages are quite expensive. A house coffee at Starbucks costs ~$5.

5) The public transportation system works well and many people use it.

6) Roads are very narrow and there are hardly any stop signs. There are many traffic circles and lights though.

7) No one is obese. Even the other European tourists from the cruise ships are relatively fit.

8) Cars are small (no SUVs) and are painted neutral colors. We haven’t seen any red, yellow, or other bright colors yet.

9) People stare when we speak because of our American accents.

10) Many people are walking around with babies in full bassinets on wheels instead of the typical car seat and stroller combo you see in the US.


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